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    Alexey Mazur

    Puzzled in June 2013 the search a tour to Croatia, really wanted us to visit the national Park Plitvice lakes. The first thing I called the travel Agency from which we flew last time. All the information we sounded, but I was confused by the unknown tour operator. Through a colleague at work, I came to the company “DEL-TOURS” in face of Catherine. Frankly, not particularly expected the help in this particular case, as it was lack of time and it was the high season, interesting proposals were sold out as hot cakes.
    But anyway it all happened, as happened, and in addition to operational and clear information on all issues of interest we were offered a very profitable tour to Croatia tour operator Bible globus, about whose work I will say later.
    Flying from late August to early September in Porec, hotel Laguna Mediteran 3*. All days were Sunny, the sea temperature + 26, the air temperature is about + 28. The hotel seems to have been recently renovated as it can be seen that all rooms are newly furnished and clean. At reception, the receptionist spoke five languages: Croatian, German, English, Italian and Russian, so there were no special problems with understanding. Fed for slaughter, food 5+, Breakfast was served red champagne for dinner – beer, wine red and white. Good animation for children and adults. Almost every night live music around the pool, everyone was delighted. The hotel is located next to a small Bay, surrounded by pine and cedar forest. Through the forest you can easily walk to the town of poreč in 12-15 minutes. About the work of the tour operator Biblio-Globus I will say the following, everything was organized perfectly, ranging from explaining where in Porec you can eat, catch up, walk and exchange money, stories during excursions, punctuality with the time of delivery of transport and, finally, ending with an elementary attitude towards tourists. By the way, in the national Park while you go and enthusiastically take pictures of everything, of course, you lag behind the main group, which simply watches the Croatian beauty, so the guide walked with a large red umbrella precisely for the purpose that it was seen from everywhere lagging behind.
    Plitvice lakes national Park is a real Croatian fairy tale, the beauty is indescribable (see photo)

    Thank you very much Catherine for such a good stay!!!

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