Company DEL-TOURS has an extra proposal in our business – Concierge Service. This direction is accompanying application of main services of our company, but no less important. It arose as part of the provision of service for organization of stay of nonresident and foreign citizens in our country. A person who moved to a new city or even more to a new country goes through quite difficult adaptation in an unusual environment. At first, there may be household difficulties associated with the choice of apartment, orientation in a new area, definition of a kindergarten, payment of utilities and many other things. Since the strategy of our company is a "personal approach to each guest ", we decided to provide all possible assistance with emerging difficulties that may arise after the change of residence. We have created a new direction in activities of our company and offered necessary services at the final stage of relocation not to leave guests of our city with problems one on one.

You can contact us for the following help:

  • For advice on selection and rental housing
  • For a request for a tour of the neighborhood with the definition of the necessary places and institutions
  • For accompaniment
  • For help in choosing a kindergarten, school, sports section
  • For the comparative analysis of prices in the country
  • For help in paying utility bills
  • For advice in choosing a mobile operator and a package of services
  • Cultural orientation: theatres, music halls, exhibitions, museums, cinemas

Do not hesitate and call us, together we will be able to solve the problem, find the right solution and will do everything possible on our part.