Sometimes it is not necessary to live in a five-star hotel to take advantage of the services of a five-star concierge. DEL-TOURS offers immersion in cultural and natural content with comfort! Concierge- service significantly saves nerves, time and money in the trip. In the shortest possible time we will find you a guide or an interpreter, a reliable doctor, tickets for a ballet, we organize an event or a party, we will decide the question of renting a car and even a private jet, we will provide a professional shopper and much more! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, experienced managers are at your service, able to solve any task posed without unnecessary questions.

Why do all travelers need concierge-services?

At first glance, there is nothing difficult in getting from point A to point B. But each of us at least once fell into difficult situations that did not depend on our desires.

  • The flight delayed or canceled? We will help you get compensation from the airline, arrange temporary accommodation, exchange tickets for the next flight.
  • Urgently need housing in an unfamiliar city? We will choose a cozy hotel at a low price or modern apartments for families.
  • Room overlooking on the wall instead of the promised sea panorama? We will make a request to the hotel administrator, contact the responsible persons.
  • Need an extra bed for the guest? Find the desired number or the desired convenience.
  • Forgot to change money? We will offer a full list of necessary places, will tell you how far they are or will provide a map with detailed guidelines.

And much more
Our priorities are premium quality level, personalized service and absolute comfort. An impeccable concierge service in everything! We can help you with dealing in everyday issues in the form of searching, booking and consultation.

Optimize your vacation with DEL-TOURS!